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Chapter 4: Exams

In Life as a Student on April 27, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Last Sunday, I was at the O2 Arena in Greenwich for the Atif Aslam show. He is a very popular artist in the Sub-Continent. This arena often hosts concerts and events for artists from all over the world. This was one of the best concerts I have been to in my life. It started off slow but then the crowd was going wild, out of their seats and dancing during the second half. It was quite an experience with the lighting and the songs. He was very interactive with the crowd which was awesome. I have added a video and photos for those who don’t know him.

This is currently a favorite by Atif Aslam, its called Ehsaas.

For the prospective students, the making of the Destination Brunel happened yesterday.  This is a guide to the prospective students consisting of pre-arrival information and also a snippet from existing students about their time at Brunel or in London. A group of us went around to certain parts of the campus with a photographer to take photos for the new. It was fun no doubt, at times funny. I met some new people and also some old ones and we had a laugh over the photos we were taking. I was glad I did it but normally I don’t do these activities but since it’s nearing the end of my time at Brunel I am trying to contribute as much as I can. I had a conversation with Filiz who is the Manager at Brunel International that the course should be longer as this place really grows on you and you don’t feel like leaving the student life at Brunel.

EXAMS are just around the corner and it is that time of the year where all you can see is, people going from the library to the coffee shop and back to the library again. I am also one of them and the atmosphere in the library generally does help to focus. It’s been 5 years since I gave my last exam during my undergraduate days but there are several other people in the same boat as you. I have a class mate that I generally talk to about revising or any doubts I may have, she’s a really good friend but also my study buddy. We end up motivating each other during tough times especially through the grey weather in the UK. But in addition, I have found seminars that help in dealing with exam stress.  However, whenever I tend to study, I somehow end up with searching for part time and full time jobs, because I would really like to stay in the UK and to gain some work experience after I graduate.

Job search in the UK has been tough especially after the Post Study Work Visa being cancelled due to the rise in unemployment from 2011. This just means that I have to find a company who would sponsor my visa. This has been challenging but however I have just been adamant at it and just kept trying. In terms of part time jobs, Brunel’s Job Shop has been useful in terms of searching and applying for jobs. I found a job as a Brunel International Student Helper which is basically about helping out with events for Brunel International and the pay rate is also decent. But most importantly, it feels like your giving back to the University after all that it’s given you.

Anyways, till next time…

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Chapter 3: Been A Minute…..

In Life as a Student on April 9, 2012 at 12:33 am

Sorry I have not blogged in a while there have been several things going on around me.

During Fresher Week, I met tons of people and engaged in several activities. It was the icebreaker for meeting new people and the surroundings. There were always something going on; sports, speed dating or even some wine in the evening to socialise with other students. I met some people during that week and now are really good friends till date. I have added some photos from the Freshers Week.

In October I had applied for the Presidential position for a society called the Six Degrees. It is society aimed at bridging the gap between the local and the international students. I got chosen and am now the President for the Six Degrees Society for 2011/12 which works with Brunel International. Its been quite an experience so far as I work with an awesome team who are from all over the World. Working with such a diverse group has taught me a lot about other cultures and the working style.

Organizing events was always challenging for me. I have done some in the past but was only a member taking orders and executing them. With Six Degrees bearing in mind the mission, we have constantly executed organized events to aim at the bigger numbers at Brunel. Our first event was a Movie night where we showed Invictus, it was a educational film on Apartheid in South Africa. Although we did not get a big turn out due to several reasons, I was a bit disappointed but learnt from it and understood how events should be executed. Bearing in mind the failure of the first event, we organized a bake sale in the Atrium and got a great response and got our name out to a massive audience. It was critical as we had to get our name out there for our future events.

Now academically, it was weird for me to be back in the classroom atmosphere after 4 years of employment but I met tons of people who are older or even had businesses. Well, honestly I didn’t know what to expect from other students in my class. I thought that there would be a lot of serious students who would always be within books but I met some really nice people. My lectures took place 2 times a week but they were 9-5 days. We had lectures and labs working with SAP and it was very practical. I really enjoyed working with SAP. Well I am glad its practical as my undergraduate was not as practical. Also, I learnt more on my first job than I did in my Undergraduate degree. But doing coursework all again has been challenging but once you get the flow it happens.  But I met some really good people on my course and have formed some friends for life.


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